Thursday, August 30, 2012

By limiting primer lengths to be only 15-20bp in Geneious, our list of introns narrowed down from 900 to 134 introns that we were able to generate primers for. Two base pairs makes a huge difference!

Limiting primer lengths to 15-21bp, 348 primers were found of the 900 target sequences. Over 3,000 primers were found.

Decided it made more sense to sift through the introns first to see what is repetitive before actually making the primers. Thinking of how to go about this, I would imagine there are many different solutions. It is looking for a sequence of repetitions within a larger given sequence. Reminds me of n-mer algorithm. Looked through various software available already. Saha, et al. 2008 provided good overview of software and review of what I am actually trying to do. Settled for trying RepeatScout as I could easily install it on the lab Mac and code looks manageable to manipulate

After finally figuring out the parameters, it looks promising. Will pick up where I left off tomorrow. 

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