Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ran MAXENT for 6 species (see file Babblers_AllMuseumDistribution.xlsx):
G. leucolophus, G. chinensis, A. peracensis, P. albiventre, P. ruficollis, and P. flaviscapis

1) Convert .xls file to .csv file with three columns for each species--species name, longitude, latitude

2) Add .csv file to MAXENT

3) Also add 19 BIOCLIM variables. Need to figure out how I had put them in the correct format--something to do with DIVA-GIS.

Output was interesting results. Probably meaningless until BIOCLIM variables are correlated.

Tomorrow (Thursday, 10 Jan):

  • Correlate the BIOCLIM variables and rerun MAXENT
  • Load layers into qGIS
  • Download and add land use data

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