Thursday, June 12, 2014

Installing FASTA on a Mac:

-ORA says it requires * FASTA r56 distribution. I did not see this on the server but installed the current version (which is 36). Maybe it's a typo in the readme?

Anyways, this one was a little dicier than HMMER:

Start by going to:
#cd to the /src file:
cd src
#make the file (you have to type in the path to the make folder in fasta)
#highlighted in pink is what you change to make it work on your comp

make -f ~/Scripts/fasta-36.3.6b/make/Makefile.os_x86 all

#now see if it works

 ~/Scripts/fasta-36.3.6b/bin/fasta36 -q ~/Scripts/fasta-36.3.6b/seq/mgstm1.aa ~/Scripts/fasta-36.3.6b/seq/prot_test.lseg
#depending on the version of fasta you downloaded, the command will be different (e.g. fasta35 
#instead of fasta36)

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