Friday, July 11, 2014



To create a new job:
Click "Create New"
Click "de Novo Assembly" and "Data Prep" then click "Next"

The data for C. sowelli is already loaded as a SMRT cell. Start a new job by naming the job, selecting the protocol, and choose "C. sowelli_amp" and move it from SMRT Cells available to "SMRT Cells in Job". Click "save" and "start"at the bottom right-hand corner.

To view the failed jobs, click on the job. On the right hand side, click "View Log".

I have tried RS_HGAP Assembly 2 for quality, RS_HGAP 3 for speed, and a Long Amplicon assembly and all three have failed and it is not clear why because it seems to start out filtering with no problem. 

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