Thursday, August 14, 2014

There doesn't seem to be a lot of resources troubleshooting this error for Trinity.  Because we are running it on a Mac OSX and Trinity is compiled only for Linux, there is no real support from the Trinity side of things. It may be possible that we are missing libc++abi. This is not a minor undertaking and takes about 24 hours to download, configure, build, and compile. Despite this terrifying error message:

Mac users, remember to be careful when replacing the system's libc++. Your system will not be able to boot without a funcioning libc++.

I will carry onwards.

svn co llvm
cd llvm/tools
svn co clang
cd ../..
cd llvm/tools/clang/tools
svn co extra
cd ../../../..
cd llvm/projects
svn co compiler-rt
cd ../..
mkdir build
cd build
make #this took several hours; make sure to screen
#check to see if it worked
clang --help

#now install the other libraries
brew update
brew install cmake #you will need this later
cd llvm/projects
svn co libcxxabi
svn co libcxx
cd .. #now you are in the llvm directory
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
make cxx
make #this also takes several hours

Okay done. Let's hope I didn't break break the computer and let's see if this actually did anything.

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