Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Finally getting my act together and actually downloading land-use data.

Inspired where to obtain land use data from this paper:

Obtained land data from this website:

And figured out how to download land data by tile.
From LANDSAT Archives, using L7 SLC-off (2003->)list. What does SLC-off refer to?

Only downloading tiles for Vietnam, as that is what I am interested. 33 tiles in all.

The below is an excel sheet snapshot of the tiles I selected. The row and column refer to the tile. The date refers to the month and year of the tile.

How I made decisions in choosing the tile.
1) The tile must have been available for Download. For some reason, sometimes optimal tiles at some months could not be downloaded.
2) The most recent tile is preferred. Tiles were chosen from Feb 2010-Feb 2013.
3) If a downloadable, most recent tile was found, the cloud cover must have been < 10%. If no tile was found between 2010-2013 with cloud cover < 10%, the tile with the lowest cloud cover (still must be < 20%) was chosen.

Added all tiles and downloaded in full using the Bulk Download Application. Less stressful than otherwise thought. Next I will mosaic the tiles in R.

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