Saturday, June 15, 2013

WOOT--figured out how to date a random sample of my posterior of trees. Super straightforward:

#read in tree file to make multiphylo R object--ignoroing the first 25% as burn-in
tree.list<-read.tree(file.choose(),keep.multi=TRUE, skip = 3374)
#take random sample of trees

#date the trees using lapply() and parameters established from Moyle, et al (2012)
newmulti<-lapply(unclass(sample.list),chronopl,lambda=0.5,age.min=c(8.4, 13, 27.1), age.max=c(11.4,17, 37.3), node = c(336, 297, 293))
#rename the object's class

As per Revell's comment on this post:

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